Being a responsible corporate citizen that it is, Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) constructed a bridge for the communities that live along the Nalisonya River in the area of Traditional Authority Malili to ease the problems that the people especially women were facing when travelling from one side of the river to Malingunde Trading Centre where they access most of their needs including medical requirements.

The MK10 million Nalisonya Bridge was handed over to the communities at a colourful function that was held on Thursday December 10, 2015 at Nsinja KIA Ground. The Nalisonya Bridge was constructed as part of the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that the Board undertakes around its catchment areas in Dzalanyama and Malingunde as well as within the City of Lilongwe which is its main supply area.

Among several activities, the Board through drama and traditional dances, used the handover ceremony as an advocacy platform against the rampant environmental degradation along the Lilongwe River. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and after observation that people were having problems to cross over Nalisonye River on their way to and from Malingunde Trading Centre, Lilongwe Water Board through the Projects Division embarked on a project to construct a bridge over the river.

The bridge has since been completed. During the ceremony the Board also handed over 18 bicycles to community leaders that assist in the protection of the catchment area.

Again in September 2015, LWB joined a hoard of other corporate citizens and individual community members to render its support to the Lilongwe Model Police Station Community Policing initiative by donating 100 Reflector Jackets worth K300,000.

The donation followed a plea from the Police Station to have support from various organisations and individuals in readiness for their security operations during the Christmas and New Year Festive Season when crime and accidents normally increase.

The Police Station was looking for assistance in areas that included the purchase of the Reflector Jackets, motor vehicle fuel, torches and whistles. LWB settled to help with the Reflector Jackets which the Board had its logo on them as a way of reminding both the users on the importance of putting security emphasis on LWB facilities and also remind communities on the importance of not stealing of vandalising LWB facilities.

In recent years, vandalism and criminal acts have been on the increase during the festive period and recognising that LWB is one entity that is heavily affected by such acts, the Board has made it a tradition to support Lilongwe Model Police Station.

During the same period in 2014, the Board responded to a plea from the Police Station by donating various items which included 100 Torches, 200 Dry Cell Batteries, 150 Reflector Jackets and 60 Security whistles.

Apart from helping the construction of the Nalisonya Bridge and the support to the Malawi Police Service, LWB has also been in the forefront helping other organisations such as the Malingunde School for the Blind where the Board has been paying electricity bills for the school in a MK2 million agreement signed between the school and the Board.

The Board also continued to support Kamuzu Central Hospital in the servicing of its lifts and also helped the hospital to acquire cleaning buckets; also supported the anniversary of the establishment of Likuni Hospital; contributed towards the 2015 Malawi Institute of Engineers Conference in Mangochi and towards the year’s Mother’s Day Fun Run organised by Nation Publications Limited held in Mchinji.

LWB’s Mr James Kachala handing over one of the 18 bicycles to a beneficiary

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