Lilongwe Water Board Zone Offices

Lilongwe Water Board partially decentralized its operations into operational zones. The Board has three zonal offices named after their location within the City: Southern Zone, Central Zone and Northern Zone. The Board decentralized its operations in order to improve delivery of services and responsiveness to its customers. Customers no longer travel long distances to access LWB offices or services.

Services Offered at Zone Offices

  • Customer Services:
    • Bill Enquiry and Payment
    • Attending to Customer Queries
  • Other Services
    • Attending to Faults & Maintenance of water supply equipment
    • Application of new water connection

Coverage Area for each Zone

Southern Zone Office

Area 1, Area 2 (Falls Estate), Area 7, Area 8 (Biwi and Mchesi), Area 21(Chilinde), Area 22, Area 23 (Kawale), Area 24 (Ngwenya), Area 35 (Kamuzu Barracks), Area 36 (Phwetekele), Area 44 and Area 59.

Central Zone Office

Area 3, Area 4, Area 5, Area 6, Area 9, Area 10, Area 11, Area 12, Area 13, Area 16, Area 17, area 18, Area 19, Area 20, Area 31, area 32, Area 33, Area 40, Area 46 (Chinsapo) and Area 47.

Northern Zone Office

Area 25, Area 26, Area 27, Area 28, Area 29 (Kanengo Industrial Area), Area 30, Area 49, Area 50 (Mgona, Senti and Chimoka), Area 51, Area 52 (Kamuzu International Airport), Area 53 (Lumbadzi) and Area 56 (Mtandire, Mtsiriza and Piasani).

Disconnection of Water Supply

Water supply connection to individual, institution or commercial customer can be disconnected by the Board under the following circumstances:

Unpaid Water Account

All water supply accounts are post paid. Customers are charged and pay their water bills after consumption. The Board disconnects all unpaid accounts with outstanding bills of more than 30 days. Before disconnection is effected however, the Board notifies its customers through the media (Radio and Newspaper), disconnection notices that are distributed to households and also through a mobile public address vehicle that goes around different residential areas.

Illegal Practices

Mandated by its Bylaws, the Board reserves the right to disconnect any illegal water supply connection, illegal drawing of water or connection where the meter is tampered with. Under these circumstances, the Board may uproot its water connection from such premises.

Request by Customer

When a customer is moving out and changing houses, they may inform the Board to disconnect water supply and close his/her account so as to prevent any unnecessary unauthorized water drawing.

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